Yukio Mishima [Was Artistically Justified And Did Nothing Wrong]


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off meds and on the internet
don’t call the feds man the game got switched
under my nose the rug pulled from under my toes
digging at rock bottom ey i’m seeing new lows

terrorism dont make me nervous
what’s scary is the fed reserve kid
wiretaps from the phone service
i know it’s absurd, but
what I do to deserve this?
encryption key confirm they can’t discern this

yo, learn this:
ISIS got sniper rifle horror scopes
and they aimed at your torso
and cantaloupes yo
from sagittarius to scoripo
not to be too morose
but we all gone go so
i choose as hard and fast as possible
at the autopsy, coroner
tryna figure scenario
like “This shit seems implausible.”

pills in the sink
pills in the sink and
now i can live
oxygen again
sold all my ritalin
thoughts crumblin
and i’m stuck runnin and
now i’m stumblin
Just a little mutterin
I’m wonderin
when pawns stop giving a fuck bout a king
or queen.
switch up the scene and build guillotine
Let’s live that scene

pills in the sink and
pills in the sink and,
moods let ‘em swing, let ‘em swing and
pills in the sink and

prognosis made under duress
i was making pragress
it’s all relative
i’m off sedatives
actionable threats, what’s real and what’s jests?
who’s got a closet full of bullet proof vests
and tecs, eminem cassettes
and regrets and all the rest
weapon x more or less shagohad rex
aid and abet
detonate with text

i'm in the zone all alone
cemetery before seminary
i won't atone
the false god idolator
surrounded by snitches and fakes
and traitors, liquid snakers

i been in the spiral since arrival
and I’m supposed to be liable and put out the fires
despite spiteful tyrants?
no more no more hit the sirens

some shit that I read
the other day fucked me up, I’ll keep it private
just to say, when cops get abusive
thoughts get intrusive
the police won't let us be
one option
shut 'em down in the style of PCs
pull the cord, wipe the hard drive start from scratch
format the streets and that's that

am I an extremist?
kill racial supremacists,
bileblaster finish this


from Egregore, released February 29, 2016



all rights reserved


BLACKHANDPATH Richmond, Virginia

young kozy and bileblaster

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