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cosby is a rapist
hogan is a racist
as it turns out all ya heroes is the fakest
millions they rake in getting stored in the caymens
they avoid tax payments tax havens

i don't blame 'em.
paths to decimals is rarely ethical
meth addicts and web addicts
both will buy ya tablets
There’s guilt in every dollar we accrue
It sucks but it’s true so what the fuck we gone do

course we got a furious future
when the youth is fraid the police gone shoot ya
can't be civil less they John Wilkes Booth ya
no space for neutral

government got drones how you gone beat that?
answers on in this USB, homie just peep that
you fucked if you got a different world view
sucks but it’s true so what the fuck we gone do?

egregore forevermore
won't learn the lesson
i'm libre to lucha
i'm cursed with the bruja
clad in the black mask
i'm pentagon jr

there never was no back in the day
despite what they say
that shit is fake
ain't no golden age
anyway gold is just a trick of the light
three left turns makes a right
horseshoe theory hindsight
yet drones will bicker despite
knowing doomsday clock on twilight
lack a common thinking degree
some don’t deserve the light

fucking rubes
got fooled like squidward on the flute
fucking marks get dropped
whole shit got co-opted
abusive cops, intrusive thoughts

stories behind the glory are often gory
most of our happiness is the result of warring
tell me what I say is untrue
we’re fucked but what the fuck we gone do

what the fuck we gone do is cause fissures off the richters.
for those who slither, propaganda talking pastors and
and slave masters, preachers of as-salamu lectures
demagogues in the synagogue
i got a new seminar
dedicated to making earths quake
and steeples break
dismantle every word they say
whatever it takes


from Egregore, released February 29, 2016



all rights reserved


BLACKHANDPATH Richmond, Virginia

young kozy and bileblaster

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