Dark Souls


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i can’t deal
the situation is death wish
defcon none, running too reckless
bitch check this
spinning out of control.
i’m on the descent
bout to hit the kill switch
i seen worlds broken
and agony in motion
molten lava and frozen ice boulders
the end contains both and
smog descends choking
eternity decoded
is tragedy evoking

i only play the games that i win at
i learned that from mf doom
who learned it from Sun Tzu
and this shit is lose-lose

nothing less
than ayahuasca-esque
reality gone acquiesce
mind a state of dispossessed
mocking death i stay obsessed

i can’t deal with the heaviness
starting to regret the prescience
the gift is the curse
this hell is heaven sent.
nothing but crooks in the age of ignorance
fuck yo sense of innocence

poisons potions decoctions
double up on the locks and...
grind the teeth mortar pestle
this brew is gone be killer radical noxious
toss the toxins

sometimes there’s only one winning move
and it’s not to play
i only go for the checkmates
no stalemates no fail states.
and i'm gone

no mercy no exceptions a declaration of total war
dark souls is bloodborne tearing up all the other elder scrolls
fell into something real heavy on this shit this one this time
get off my neck son
human landmine


from Egregore, released February 29, 2016



all rights reserved


BLACKHANDPATH Richmond, Virginia

young kozy and bileblaster

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