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think for yourself

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released February 29, 2016



all rights reserved


BLACKHANDPATH Richmond, Virginia

young kozy and bileblaster

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Track Name: Theoxx
cosby is a rapist
hogan is a racist
as it turns out all ya heroes is the fakest
millions they rake in getting stored in the caymens
they avoid tax payments tax havens

i don't blame 'em.
paths to decimals is rarely ethical
meth addicts and web addicts
both will buy ya tablets
There’s guilt in every dollar we accrue
It sucks but it’s true so what the fuck we gone do

course we got a furious future
when the youth is fraid the police gone shoot ya
can't be civil less they John Wilkes Booth ya
no space for neutral

government got drones how you gone beat that?
answers on in this USB, homie just peep that
you fucked if you got a different world view
sucks but it’s true so what the fuck we gone do?

egregore forevermore
won't learn the lesson
i'm libre to lucha
i'm cursed with the bruja
clad in the black mask
i'm pentagon jr

there never was no back in the day
despite what they say
that shit is fake
ain't no golden age
anyway gold is just a trick of the light
three left turns makes a right
horseshoe theory hindsight
yet drones will bicker despite
knowing doomsday clock on twilight
lack a common thinking degree
some don’t deserve the light

fucking rubes
got fooled like squidward on the flute
fucking marks get dropped
whole shit got co-opted
abusive cops, intrusive thoughts

stories behind the glory are often gory
most of our happiness is the result of warring
tell me what I say is untrue
we’re fucked but what the fuck we gone do

what the fuck we gone do is cause fissures off the richters.
for those who slither, propaganda talking pastors and
and slave masters, preachers of as-salamu lectures
demagogues in the synagogue
i got a new seminar
dedicated to making earths quake
and steeples break
dismantle every word they say
whatever it takes
Track Name: Suicidal Tendies (Such A Lust For Revenge)
blackhandpath operates best at sundown
here’s the rundown
high on hate, there’s no comedown
no loans, pay now
the band name @ gmail, paypal
all the rest though
it just go to the
account escrow
satoshi nakamoto esque-cashflow
heymarket, explode
venzetti, sacco
loeb, leopold
black van, malvo
program the error in the payroll
move over that decimal
trapped under ice
pass on the confessional

this shit ain’t got no brakes
let’s raise the stakes
get fucked

name in the dirtsheets
the words that can’t hurt me
slide through the shit which I do once again
daigo perry
joystick sailieri
metronome clefairy scary

am I’m the one with the juice?
or handgun and noose
hit the guardrail
straight out the sunroof
might be done with life
but at least I’m not in bruges

thrash and writhe
under the wrath and scythe
smash the glass
falling from tragic heights
let’s smash let’s fight
create some lasting strife
under flashing lights
dark magic types
jump in traffic types
twitching and spastic types
beasts immune to hype

there are those going to hell
going to hell and who cares
i know my fate
i’m perfectly aware

there are those going to hell
going to hell who cares
i know my fate i’m perfectly aware
who cares i’ll see you there
Track Name: Dark Souls
i can’t deal
the situation is death wish
defcon none, running too reckless
bitch check this
spinning out of control.
i’m on the descent
bout to hit the kill switch
i seen worlds broken
and agony in motion
molten lava and frozen ice boulders
the end contains both and
smog descends choking
eternity decoded
is tragedy evoking

i only play the games that i win at
i learned that from mf doom
who learned it from Sun Tzu
and this shit is lose-lose

nothing less
than ayahuasca-esque
reality gone acquiesce
mind a state of dispossessed
mocking death i stay obsessed

i can’t deal with the heaviness
starting to regret the prescience
the gift is the curse
this hell is heaven sent.
nothing but crooks in the age of ignorance
fuck yo sense of innocence

poisons potions decoctions
double up on the locks and...
grind the teeth mortar pestle
this brew is gone be killer radical noxious
toss the toxins

sometimes there’s only one winning move
and it’s not to play
i only go for the checkmates
no stalemates no fail states.
and i'm gone

no mercy no exceptions a declaration of total war
dark souls is bloodborne tearing up all the other elder scrolls
fell into something real heavy on this shit this one this time
get off my neck son
human landmine
Track Name: Selected Ambient Works '93 Til Infinity
one foot in the afterlife
fighting titans in sniper's sight
my only fear is relaxing
that's how you get the back shiv

post-traumatic stress intentions
destroyers of nervous systems
cut the lifeline
hit the switch full favela style

kozy kiarostami
quick cuts long takes
venus de milo
aphrodite arm breaks

why you looking so triggered?
what you didn't know i'm forced to modulate with frequencies?
new jacks swinging
at attempts to conceive of me

dirty thought provocateur
neighbors better know to lock the door
criminal record and a college degree
i get access front door or WEP key

we sharpening teeth
wolves don't' concern ourselves
with the thoughts of sheep
your fears can't stop the feast

kozy kiarostami
quick cuts, long takes
venus de milo
aphrodite arm breaks]

everybody thinks i'm gonna cause problems
they right, they right, they right
they say evil fears the light
too bad they lied

don't come to the sector tryna lecture
get ejected straight up suplexted
straight up
straight up brock lesnar'd
the raven effect evenflow narcotic defected
projectiles deflected
nail in the coffin straight up
straight up trent reznor'd
when the cops come just burn the ledgers
no more half-measures just full court pressures
gold is just a trick a leather
and lead is light as a feather
Track Name: Margaret Ozierski
most dangerous combination
potassium chlorate and glucose
creating spacious conflagrations
try it for yourself that's word the anarchists cookbook
don't grab without tor
unless you want authorities taking a good look at your macbook
get your fingerprints and mugshot in a NSA look book
i see you with them shook looks
dont play with the niggas or get your rooks took
cant touch me on the boards - psychic type
i gots to go so gimme the light
nice with the right like i'm fighting type
i'm hitmonlee
how you think you got shit on me?
all praise given to kindred spirits
but hindrance to menaces finish them

we dark type
fuck the light

i aint never chill since moms missed the pill
unorthodox built to spill
you made me do the shit so now
fuck your dreams fuck your life fuck what you feel

brand new weapon same old lesson
straight up essence of aggression
that shit that wont lessen

do you know who you steppin to?
are you aware who you're fucking with?
have you done your research?
i'll beat you out your sneakers, burial or cremate
let 'em know what you prefer
i'm living like danger combustible
we strangers will fukwityou
you couldn't pursue this purview

jackboots stay perpetrating jack moves

some glorify those people keep acting like that's cool
- make cops cease
- secondly switch beliefs
- tertiarily fuck the beast
- basically, kill all police
indeed are you sure you want to take me on?
take note i was born with the safety off
aiming for regicide i think i'm king of the hill
and we can have a royal rumble if you think it ain't real
think it ain't real.

i aint never chill since moms missed the pill
unorthodox built to spill
you made me do the shit so now
fuck your dreams fuck your life fuck what you feel

brand new weapon same old lesson
straight up essence of aggression
that shit that wont lessen
Track Name: Andrew Jackson Nigger
ey the wolves here
and they got hard drives with the data you fear
ruthless out here
mount sinai from these heights the christlike lielife always seem to disappear
meditate on that one and this one I chew on panes of glass for fun and spit shards
that rip hearts of retards with dim thoughts so submit dumbshits ayo
or get ya soul split

blast somebody to the astral body
yall is shoddy
two dimensional like dammit bobby
angela anacondas parappa the rappas
yous a pretender yous a yappa
talking all that shit you a coward
your whole conference speaks nonsense you a boomhauer
you sounding really skittish
rosetta stone to translate your shit
from bitch into english

i'm not a shit linguist
blackhandpath gives a blackhole of fucks
we '95 chicago bulls
yall just milwaukee cucks.
we the dual hollywood hulks
yall are naught but facebook tough
in-browser rough digital blufffs
wow guys you should really consider suicide
right about now guys

warcrimes on the mussolini
you want the peace treaty
fullfill the terms completely
dont count ya chicks before you hatch 'em
If I see ya see yo eggs will smash 'em
kust for laughs
i'm talking real rhyme scheme sociopaths

solitary pugilist futurist
no phil no lil no duplicates
no tia tamara
you soft son - tegan and sarah
let us operate in the most graphic of fashions
trigger that massive panic
the demographic is manic cracked kids
prone to lapses due to fractured synapses
you catch that
fastball straight at ya hat, bitch
blackhandpath ain’t down with the tact shit
the fact is what you lack what’s required to snag this
my suggestion: invest in some white flags
that’s it
Track Name: Yukio Mishima [Was Artistically Justified And Did Nothing Wrong]
off meds and on the internet
don’t call the feds man the game got switched
under my nose the rug pulled from under my toes
digging at rock bottom ey i’m seeing new lows

terrorism dont make me nervous
what’s scary is the fed reserve kid
wiretaps from the phone service
i know it’s absurd, but
what I do to deserve this?
encryption key confirm they can’t discern this

yo, learn this:
ISIS got sniper rifle horror scopes
and they aimed at your torso
and cantaloupes yo
from sagittarius to scoripo
not to be too morose
but we all gone go so
i choose as hard and fast as possible
at the autopsy, coroner
tryna figure scenario
like “This shit seems implausible.”

pills in the sink
pills in the sink and
now i can live
oxygen again
sold all my ritalin
thoughts crumblin
and i’m stuck runnin and
now i’m stumblin
Just a little mutterin
I’m wonderin
when pawns stop giving a fuck bout a king
or queen.
switch up the scene and build guillotine
Let’s live that scene

pills in the sink and
pills in the sink and,
moods let ‘em swing, let ‘em swing and
pills in the sink and

prognosis made under duress
i was making pragress
it’s all relative
i’m off sedatives
actionable threats, what’s real and what’s jests?
who’s got a closet full of bullet proof vests
and tecs, eminem cassettes
and regrets and all the rest
weapon x more or less shagohad rex
aid and abet
detonate with text

i'm in the zone all alone
cemetery before seminary
i won't atone
the false god idolator
surrounded by snitches and fakes
and traitors, liquid snakers

i been in the spiral since arrival
and I’m supposed to be liable and put out the fires
despite spiteful tyrants?
no more no more hit the sirens

some shit that I read
the other day fucked me up, I’ll keep it private
just to say, when cops get abusive
thoughts get intrusive
the police won't let us be
one option
shut 'em down in the style of PCs
pull the cord, wipe the hard drive start from scratch
format the streets and that's that

am I an extremist?
kill racial supremacists,
bileblaster finish this
Track Name: Mesityl Oxide, Rush Delivery Feat. W H I T E Y and GFRIEND
let’s get ruthless
if the rootkit fits let’s do this.
compute the route
and let’s boot this shit.

i'm lee malvo throwing spree salvos
with high powered rifles at those with high volumed trifles
you wanna hurt me you better come with certainty
want me to leave you better murder me
you better go full vester lee
don’t forget to upload it to your twitter feed
and martyr me
bitch go lockerbie
bitch go lockerbie
stastically police gone murder me
any day now
many lay down
understandable if you brown or broke folk
semis spray now gunsmoke
from six all around
statistics getting hard to count
populace won’t simmer down
i think we’re figuring it out
break down break now


my name's already on the watchlist anyway

don't fuck with blackhandpath
or get the back hand
i'm baphomet you half-chan
white guilt white belt no dan
destruction is my game plan
bitch shit you best scram
no beat poem no iambs
no self no fucking you do you get it?
i'm blowing this place up skyhighlike brandy
i wish she died instead of aaliyah
nine eleven allahu ackbar seventh heaven
steven collins at the snackbar
where the fuck was chris hansen?
terrorist they share my skin tone
on the list they watch my iphone
i'm off my medications
on the list all my locations
they took me off my medication
they're coming down on my location

speaking of a watchlist
watch this black hand blitz
randomly selected for scrutiny
enforcement community is screwin me
it’s not new to me
count down 321 right now watch this boom
don’t catch these fumes
I’m making plumes
the smoke spells doom
i'm just kiddin, you know 'm playin
i’m joking, aight man, this a disclaimer
but I’m already on the list from this point hence (fast)
and I’m cognizant of the consequences
continent’s fifth columnist
not me i’m not somnolent
delete this google doc they watching it
Track Name: Endtime
this day and time
apache line
you wanna be a victim? i’ll victimize
human landmine go

low and behold another one folds
another hashtag protest
another trashtag context
upon reflection i’m done stressing

i’m just between the crime scenes
from the hundred years war to the crimea
with a lance and a musket and a roman spear
just another place and point card cheater

up against the wall
it doesn’t really matter how you go once you’re gone.
i predict the downfall of us all
all of all

these are my terms

the chariot still swing low
the ships still full of cargo
these are my terms
I accept no deviation from what i'm tracing
a painting of hatred
artwork is what i'm creating.

may my brain be exposed
may the unknown be disrobed
recreationally offended
dummy shit children
big mouth when you can blend in
but no shouts when confronted and you know they listening

we scripture rippers
no sutures future
intake outake
i got that metal gear hex
parasite strains, son
seriously i don’t think you wanna be to near to me
clearly and sincerely
it’s metastasized
they alive
they alive

I just filed the papers.
confirming nuclear annihilation.
the sky fallen cloudburster
check the report it only gets worser

tidal waves at all rival’s face and
nothing but timeless days in the ocean basin
revenge it tastes fresh
bring life bring death
filled lungs no breath

war zone
in the whole ozone
leave this place
for you own sake

oooh there’s some bitches amidst
some pussies hiding in the mysts
let the man speak
let the man sink or swim by his own means

i ain’t in the victimized scene
can’t marginalize me
with lies, marginal or otherwise
don’t try downpress me
i seen life as a casualty
of the worldwide misery
and i’m cursed to know that history
I see you shaking over threats we making
you too used to those who faking
when you laid in state i’m the one desecrating
think i'm playing
think i'm playing
they wanna mute the fury
and track your google queries
misleading and seeking your weakness
i'll take what’s mine I ain’t conceding shit

We been eaten new age bread and circus
political sermons delivered via digital circuits
with a criminal purpose

these are my terms